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When life hands you…

I am buying a house at the moment.Or rather, I’ve made an offer in June, it was accepted — and then there were various challenges handed to me. My UK property was “sold” in March. The sale finally completed in October! The property in France got slated for exchange on the...


Getting to Know You

One of the biggest challenges in today’s book world is discovering new authors. Will I like them? Are the stories compelling? How will I know? I subscribe to several book newsletters, so “deal of the day” gets delivered to my inbox every day from several different sources. Generally, I’m able...


It’s a start.

This is our Blog.There are many like it, but this one is ours.Or something like that. I’m still setting things up — while trying to peel roasted chestnuts without burning my fingers…which is no mean feat, I assure you. Contents may vary. 🙂(That goes for the chestnuts, too!) From me,...

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