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One of the biggest challenges in today’s book world is discovering new authors. Will I like them? Are the stories compelling? How will I know?

I subscribe to several book newsletters, so “deal of the day” gets delivered to my inbox every day from several different sources. Generally, I’m able to select the genres that interest me (and my interests are varied and wide).  Discounted books are an easy way to invest your time into reading something without investing a lot of money. Then I have to filter through covers and blurbs. Once I find an author I like, chances of me buying more of their books increases exponentially.

Another way to find new authors is to go to conferences. I’ve met some of my favorite authors at writing/reading conferences, authors I had no idea were out there before — many of them prolific. In this same vein, this is also where I’ve received some worthy referrals to check out.

Then there are the forums. I tend to be a lurker, but when I find people I like, I’m all in. I stumbled on this group of diverse romance writers who provide a little of everything. Mystery. Paranormal. Suspense. Historical. I’m hooked!

I hope you’ll take time to check out each of these wonderful authors (on the “Our Authors” tab above). I’ve only read samples of their writing, but those teasers have definitely piqued my interest. New authors on my TBR pile!

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