Happy New Year!

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Got Goals?

We all start the new year with a thought about goals for the year ahead.
Those New Year’s Resolutions we like to abandon three days in.
And let’s face it: “I’m not making any New Year Resolutions!” is a kind of…well. A resolution in itself. 🙂

I don’t really set myself a goal for writing — but I did start a 365 Photography Project.
(You can find it here.)

The whole “I must eat healthier / exercise more / stop this that and the other / start XYZ etc” doesn’t work for me. Never has and never will.
I did once join a gym, but it really didn’t do anything for me.
(Apparently you actually have to go…)

My gym, these days, is doing work outside. I have plenty of “garden”. 5.5 acres of fields, woods, garden, hedges…and mole hills. Good grief, do I have a lot of moles!
It’s like every mole in France suddenly decided to move into the field where the horses are. I walk around with my wheelbarrow, clearing manure…and I aim for a “Pile” — only to discover it’s a mole hill.
Part of my “exercise regime” consists of dispersing copious amounts of dug up earth.
I eye changes in weather with a critical eye : Is it going to be cold? (Need to make firewood.) Will it rain? (Make sure they hay areas are clean and dry.) Is stuff going to sprout? (Must buy a hedge trimmer…)

Alongside all this, I have a “Gite” (Guesthouse) to insulate, renovate and make habitable, with the help from my builder, Dave.

Not to mention French bureaucracy is scuppering several attempts at getting stuff done. And there is the language barrier…oh my. Mon français n’est pas très bon, je m’excuse.
I make do, I learn (slowly), but it makes life harder than it needs to be. My local farmer, Bernard, is an absolute gem, and tries to teach me stuff. Which, frankly, I really appreciate. (He doesn’t speak any English by the way…)

So no, I don’t have resolutions — but I do have projects. The Gite, the Photography. And writing. Although most of the time I am simply too tired to sit down and put words on the page. I still try, though.

Am I jealous of people releasing books?
Not really.
They put the work in — and it takes a lot of work, believe me — and I cheer for them. They deserve sales, they’ve worked hard.
My only “resolution” is the same as every other year: If I read a book, I leave a review when I’m done.
It’s the best way to help an author (besides buying their books) and I know every review is appreciated.

I hope the new year will bring you happiness, joy, love and contentment.
Everything else, good or bad, is just fluff. 🙂


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